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The Instrument Exploration lessons were developed after identifying a need for non-traditional music education to accommodate the unique and individual needs of neurodivergent students. What we quickly realized was that these types of lessons also greatly benefited students who were undecided on their instrument of choice or were struggling to thrive in typically structured lesson settings. 


Instead of throwing away time and money on an instrument the student may not commit to, they are instead able to familiarize themselves with all kinds of instruments before choosing one. 


These lessons also provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere for students to explore a large variety of instruments at their own pace and choice of direction. Roman's role in these lessons is to follow the student's lead and teach according to their interest and level of engagement, attention, and ability. 

Our mission is to provide affordable music lessons to everyone. We recognize that not everyone learns in the same way. In order to truly make music education available to everyone, we are continuously evolving our model and lesson types to meet the needs of our community and to be as inclusive as possible. 


***There is a one time supply charge of $10. This charge covers a recorder and two types of instrument reeds that the student gets to keep. If student does not wish to play woodwinds there is no supply charge.***

Please see "Lessons" tab for full pricing.

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