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Our Team.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

                                                                                    -  Margaret Mead

Meet The Team


Roman Goddard

Roman was born and raised in the Northern California city of Redding. He first learned to play guitar in the fourth grade. By fifth grade he was playing drums, followed by Trumpet in sixth, and saxophone in eighth. His passion for music grew over the years, and by eighteen he was consistently playing and writing music. He studied music at Shasta College, Pasadena City College, and Musician's Institute. He also studied teaching at Sonoma State University. ​ Roman has always enjoyed teaching and previously taught statistics, pre-calculus, and gymnastics. He began teaching music lessons in 2018 and has experience teaching guitar, bass, basic piano, music theory, and vocals. He enjoys working with both children and adults. Along with teaching music, he also produces and performs as a singer, rhythm guitarist, and bassist for the band 3 A.M. ST whom he has been with since 2016. In addition, he played bass and provided backup vocals for the band Springfeel'd of which he was apart of from 2017-2021 when he moved back to Northern California. ​ Roman has performed at various venues including The Viper Room and The Rainbow Room in Hollywood, Mariachi Plaza in Down Town Los Angeles, The Glendale Bowling Alley, and Pacifica Cantina among others. He has performed for both private and public events including the Kite Festival and weddings.


Allison Goddard

Even if you haven’t met her, she’s probably played a role in your lessons in some way. Alli is the person behind the scenes connecting the dots between the needs of our community and how our business can help meet them. With degrees in Social Science and Behavioral Science, and a Bachelor's in Psychology combined with over 15 years of working for non-profits and community service organizations, her heart for serving others is unmatched. You might find Alli co-teaching one of our group classes!



Julia has been in the music field since she was a little girl. Throughout her life she took lessons and performed for many events and competitions. She placed first in California and Shasta County Has Got Talent. Julia also won her highschool talent shows at AUHS. She loves performing for recitals and would accompany the choirs at AUHS and RSA. Teaching became a passion in 2008, and she's had many students that have loved and excelled greatly in their piano and singing. She has a strong passion for music and the ability it has to change someone for good and keep them grounded and happy. She plays everything from jazz to classical and enjoys writing music, singing, as well as a few other activities like hiking, bicycle riding and art. Julia is available for beginner to advanced piano, vocals, and teaches our group classes for children 0-6 years of age.

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